What Does basic manicure include

What Does basic manicure include

Apr 05
What Does basic manicure include

Manicure in the salon has a lot of advantages. At home, it is very difficult to put your hands in order, cut the cuticle, and give the nails the correct shape.

Hands and nails should always be in perfect condition, every girl knows about this. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to put them in order on their own. It is best to go to a salon, where they will do everything quickly, correctly and not too expensive. Before doing a manicure in the salon, read the rules of the procedure.

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How do manicures in the salon?

There are many techniques for performing manicure, but salon manicure include 3 types of processes: European, hardware and classic (trim).

The cuticle exists in order to protect the matrix and the posterior nail roller from infections and the harmful effects of the environment. Therefore, you need to know how much it can be cut off or simply pushed back.

The technique of performing classic manicure

The first step you can expect from a manicure is to remove the old coating and file the nails. After that, the hands are soaked for some time in warm water so that they are steamed. This makes the cuticle softer so that it is easier to remove. Often, sea salt is added to the water, which makes nails stronger.

There are also special cosmetic kits for steaming baths. When the cuticle has become soft, it is carefully removed with special scissors. It is important to carry out this action very carefully so as not to touch the back nail roller and be sure to cut everything off smoothly to prevent the formation of burrs.

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How is French manicure done in the salon?

Professional French manicure is considered the perfect option for any girl. Properly done, it can only be done in the salon, as the manicure consist of knowledge of technology and a lot of experience. If it is done according to all the rules, the nails will look well-groomed and stylish. How is French manicure done in the salon? It’s not so difficult, and the advantages are obvious.

French manicure will suit any clothes, it will be appropriate both in a business setting and in a restaurant. He never loses its relevance and does not go out of fashion. The hands look very gentle, and the shiny finish and white varnish at the tips give the nails a healthy look.

There are several types of French manicure. In the classic version, basic manicure include the nail plate is covered with a transparent varnish with a pinkish tinge; the tips are painted with a semi-arc. The lunar “French” is popular, the technique involves filling with color not only the tip of the nail, but also the base. In the Hollywood variety, not an arc is painted with varnish, but a zigzag, a smile, a comma – all that fantasy allows. Stylized French manicure is done in a free style. Patterns, rhinestones, sparkles are applied to the nails.