The right Way to lighten synthetic hair with peroxide

The right Way to lighten synthetic hair with peroxide

Sep 04
The right Way to lighten synthetic hair with peroxide

Of the most affordable means for coloring hair, hydrogen peroxide can be distinguished. For decades, women have been lighten synthetic hair with peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is able to raise the cuticle flakes in the hair – due to this, coloring is more effective.

Using the right method, how to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide at home, you can achieve a good result and keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

Preparation for lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide

Before any lightening, you need to make sure that the hair is strong and healthy, because the very procedure to bleach synthetic hair with a chemical preparation can seriously damage them. A couple of weeks before the planned lightening, it is impossible to dye synthetic hair, it is not recommended to subject them to heat treatment.

hydrogen peroxide

Lightening tools

Hair coloring is carried out with a special preparation – 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. For the procedure, you need to prepare an empty spray bottle, gloves, a comb, hair clips and a towel. You will also need foil, shampoo, hair balm and a hairdryer.

Instructions for lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide

If you bleach synthetic hair with peroxide is done at home, it is important to follow the exact instructions for the procedure. Otherwise, you can spoil healthy hair and not achieve the desired result.

So, how to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide:

Wash your hair and blow dry with a towel. Wear gloves and cover clothing with an old towel or piece of cloth. Comb your hair well.

Dilute a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with water in equal proportions and pour the finished product into a washed bottle with a spray. If you need to lighten only individual strands, you can use cotton swabs during the procedure. This method, how to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide, is quite simple: you need to dip a swab into the solution and wipe part of the hair with it.

Repeat the same steps until all the strands are colored. To lighten all hair, you need to divide them into sections, alternately spraying a brightening agent on them. The drug should completely cover the hair – from the roots to the ends.

When the product is applied, you need to leave the solution on the hair for a certain period of time. The duration of lightening depends on the initial shade of the hair. For a dark color, it will take 30 or more minutes for it to lighten. The lighter the shade should end up, the longer it will take.

The average duration of clarification is not more than 45-60 minutes. You can evaluate the result of staining after half an hour, washing off the product from several separate strands.

To speed up the clarification process, you can take advantage of the effects of high temperature. To do this, you need to collect the hair in a tail and wrap it in foil. The resulting case must be evenly heated with a hairdryer for 10-15 minutes.

After the set time, wash the preparation off the head using cool water. Apply balm along the entire length of the hair to restore their natural state. The tool is recommended to wash off after 25-30 minutes.